Thank you for making the inaugural GRIND conference a success!

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The GRIND Conference was a success! We shared, we learned, we healed, we partnered, we strategized, and we grew together.

The GRIND presentations were phenomenal. We are truly the key to the future of research and knowledge at Morgan and beyond. Congratulations to all of our student presenters!


The winner of our 2017 3-Minute Thesis competition was:

Alexandria J. MaloneyUnderstanding the Paths to Freedom and Equality: International Influences and Global Effects of African-American Cultural and Political Movements in the 20th Century -AND- Electronic Dance Music (EDM) as Cultural Diplomacy: The Cuban Youth Perspective on 21st Century American Pop Culture

Winner of our 2017 Research Visualization Award was:

Shanice BrickhousePeople & Landscape: An Inclusive Challenge

Winner of the 2017 Peer’s Choice Research Award was:

Carla Ray JacksonFor Those Who Endure: Portraits of the Emotional Complexities Experienced by African American Female Professors at PWIs – A Qualitative Study using a Portraiture Research Design

Winner of the 2017 Interdisciplinary Research Award was:

Zahra WilliamsReconsidering the Streetscape – A Case for continuing renewal through neighborhoods

Winner of the 2017 Community-Based Research Award was:

Abigail LeonardResearch Fellowship: Cultural Preservation in Design – Case Study on Equitable Development in Baltimore

Winner of the Student Leadership in Research Award was:

Paris Adkins-Jackson: Measuring Self-Care for Black Women: Exploratory Factor Analyses